31 July 2011

You Mean Everything To Me

My love...
You make me smile
You make me lought

You make me cry...
You mean everything to me...
Then I know that ...
I love You.

I fully understand your position
I fully understand your complicatated family history
I fully understang the long journey into love between you and him
But you could not leave me either...
So am I.

I wish you could practice polyedry
So I could be there...with You.
You could not make a choice between "to ruin the journey into love between You and him
and a forthnight love with me"
I wish to forget the past for the future
but I relised how long the journey into love between You and him.

Let you be there
I will love You forever...
Let no more tears.

This poem is dedicated especially for you my dear.

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